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Trader's Manual-
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  • For safe future commodity traders and
  • 200 valuable pieces of data that every
    trader will want to know
The facts stated in the traders handbook is to assist the
trader in a safe trading practice with rules of the
trade and to
help them avoid any mishaps or delays
in a deal.

Sometimes the inaccuracy of the deal is just lack of specific
knowledge that can cause the deal to collapse.

This handbook can help you to avoid unnecessary surprises
International Commodity Trade
Traders Manual
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         Sample Content - Did You Know

  • Did you know that a SGS certificate cannot be forged. This book gives you a link
    to directly check the  authenticity of that certificate.

  • Did you know: The Primary Intermediary must not return the purchase  contract
    to supplier until the DLC has been secured in his bank account first.

  • Did you know: Suppliers contract is signed and returned by the Primary
    Intermediary after the issuance of the DLC and before the acceptance   of the

  • Did you know: You do not need to registered a business name, or for a company
    to practice international commodity trade.

  • Did you know.If a DLC is "confirmed", documents are presented to the
    suppliers/intermediary bank in his country but if a DLC is "not confirmed" the
    supplier/intermediary  bank sends documents to the bank in the end buyer’s
    country for examination before the issuing bank (buyer’s bank) allows collection
    under UCP600 rules.

  • Did you know Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are used worldwide
    but cannot be adapted to states within a country. Example the United States.
    The federal or states law of commerce or codes of practice as the UCC Unifom   
    Commercial Code) often will RULE OVER the interstates dealings.