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International Trading for the Intermediary - Introduction:

Quote by Sir Francis Bacon 1561
"In any business, knowledge is power".  In the international trading business, knowledge is survival.

If you are going to succeed in the international trading world, you must know as much or should I say,
more than your global buyer, seller and intermediary. That’s why training in the proper procedures,
rules and policies is not just necessary, it is a necessity, to stay ahead of the common enemy the
intermediary, buyer and sellers, all share… THE SCAMMER.

In this training course we will cover not only all the necessary knowledge needed to be part of a real
closing deal but to stay ahead of  the scams that are taking place everyday in every country in the

99 % of the intermediaries are untrained and trying to honestly trade, but are only prey for the
scammer. Most intermediaries has followed the role of the intermediary before him, who he before him,
and he before him, and so on and so on, having no knowledge of the proper procedures and these
flawed LOI / BCL / NCND / MFPA documents are being continuously used. These are the perfect
conditions for the scammer. The scammer depends on your lack of knowledge and dangles the carrot
of success and money to blind a person of their common sense. We have all, at one time or another
been dazzled by a dangling carrot. It is just human nature and the scammer knows it.  

There are only 2 ways to work in the international trading world.  The right way, or the way of a
misguided intermediary being preyed upon by the scammer, who leads them into a deal where fees
are being charged to register documents at the ICC/The Ministry of Energy or the NNPC and the
money goes to the hands of the scammer.  It all appears to be part of a legitimate act.  When the
buyer or the seller realize there is no deal and they have been scammed for illegal fees; who takes the
fall for it?  You do!  The scammer got you to initiate the deal by dangling that carrot. The scammer
(with the money) is GONE or out of the jurisdiction of our courts.  So there you stand holding the bag
and being charged on fraud.  Those of you who are using the LOI / BCL / NCND / MFPA flawed terms
and don’t know the ICC and The Ministry of Energy are not associated, nor are their functions to
register documents; then you need training.

This is only one small sample to impress upon you that without having the skills and proper training in
procedures, rules and policies you are just wasting your time going in circles and becoming the perfect
prey for the scammer.

This collection of training materials has been designed to help you the intermediary succeed in
international trading and the correct use of documents to prevent you from being scammed or
circumvented by the dishonest broker. This course will show you why the CNCD and MFPA and all the
other flawed terms are worthless pieces of paper that give you no protection what so ever nor do they
have much strength if any in a court of law.
International Trading Survival
In any business, knowledge is power. In the
International Trading business, knowledge is