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Trader Commodity Advisor (TCA) focuses on assisting the Buyer, Seller and International Trading Broker to
successfully enter into the International trading market safely with security and confidence by evaluating RFQs,
Offers and Contracts, allowing you (our Client) to make a professional decision based on our  analysis's and

1.         Extensive analysis of clients RFQs, Offers, and Contracts
2.         Advise direction of proper procedures
3.         Consult and advise on the validity of business transactions
4.         Analysis and authentication of documents
5.         Provide direction on international marketing
6.         Advise on amendments
7.         Prepare commission agreements
8.         Keep specified records concerning participants and transactions
9.         Consult on the prospects of pending business transaction
10.       Due Diligence on potential business transaction
11.       Based on client needs, Advisor custom-builds and identifies needed resources
12.       Identification of fraudulent offers
13.       Review and assessment of restructuring alternatives
14.       On-going communication to address specific needs of transaction

Trader Commodity Advisor charges our clients a modest monthly fee for the services we provides.

Trader Commodity Advisor centers all attention on assisting the Buyer, Seller International Broker by
examination of all RFQs, Offers, and Contracts for errors and authenticity. This allows our clients, with
certainty, to build and develop
a successful transaction with their potential buyer/seller clients.

Our clients are relieved of the uncertainty of ambiguous and deceptive contracts and agreements.

It is our opinion, based on research, training and experience most brokers and intermediaries are honestly and
legitimately trying to trade. But, the lack of knowledge in the proper procedures, rules, regulations  and trading
protocol has caused legitimate deals to collapse.

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