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1.What kind of web site is Trader Commodity B2B? is a global informational business-to-business e-market place, which offers you up to date
information and services that facilitate trading relationships and fosters a sense of community among like-minded
business individuals.

2.What kind of services does Trader Commodity B2B offer?
You can enjoy all our free information and business services once you've registered as an Trader Commodity member.
The registration is free and simple.
BizOpportunities: Huge volume of latest postings  by industry categories allows you to post, view, and respond to buy/sell
offers or to cooperate with those looking for partners.
Post Your Offers: Choose a most relevant category to post your trade offers to get feedback from other business
What's New: Hundreds of latest postings from all over the world help you to catch abundant business information.
Add Company: Add your company details and URL to our company list for free to receive business inquiries from other
business partners.
Sample House: A cyber space which offers you a free web location to display pictures of your products along with product

3.What benefits can a Trader Commodity member enjoy?
As a Trader Commodity member, you can enjoy many benefits.
Free Frontpage Listing: We list some latest business information submitted by our members on our frontpage everyday as
special recommendations.
Simplified Posting: Once you've registered as a member, you do not have to fill in your information again the next time you
post an offer.
Add Your Company: Members can add their company details and URLs to our Company List for free.

4.How to become an Alibaba member?
To become a Trader Commodity member is absolutely free. Click the "Join Free" button on our site, fill out the registration
form and submit.

5.How to view the offers listed on Trader Commodity B2B?
Two options are offered:
Enter the keywords into the search box such as product name, country, offer expiry time, buy or sell to find out what you
want. For instance, you may enter the word " shoes" into the search box on our frontpage and click search, and all the
relevant information would appear immediately.
2. Follow up the categorization from the major category to the deepest level of sub-category.
For instance, if you want to find some information about corn, please click the category of "Agriculture" first and click the
sub-category of "Grain" to view all the offers under it.

6.How to post my offers on Trader Commodity B2B?
Whether members or non-members, you can post your offers on Trader Commodity B2B for free. But the posting process
for members will be simpler.
Click "Post Your Offers" on our site.
2. Choose the most relevant category and subcategory.
3. Fill out the form and submit.

7.How do I know if my offer has been sent successfully?
Fill out the form at "Post Your Offers" and click the "Submit" button. Upon seeing the note of "Success! Your offer has been
recorded.", you can be sure it has reached us.
Your offer will be published within 24 hours if accepted.
Trader Commodity B2B will send you an email to confirm the publication.

8.How long does it take to post my offer on Trader Commodity B2B after it's
Your offers will be published within 24 hours if accepted.

9.How do I know my submission has been posted on Trader Commodity
Trader Commodity will notify you via email whether your submission has been accepted or not.

10.I submitted an offer to Trader Commodity B2B.  Why was my submission
eventually refused?
If your request was refused, it was because of one of the following reasons:
A. Your message is false, unlawful, defamatory, or violating the rights or benefits of others.
B. The message which you tried to post on Alibaba International is in a non-English language.
C. You have posted the same message within 24 hours. Sorry, we only accept the same offer once within 24 hours.
D. Your message is too simple. Detailed information about your products or services is required and appreciated.
E. Other inappropriate messages.

11.How does Trader Commodity B2B arrange all its information?
1. The information on Trader Commodity is grouped into 32 major categories, including more than 700 sub-categories.
2. The principle of the categorization is to offer convenience for our users to browse information but not for any academic or
logical purpose.
3. There are some overlaps of sub-categories under some categories. For instance, you can find the sub-category of
"Fertilizer" under both categories of "Agriculture " and "Chemical". Thus when you post an offer under one category, others
can view it under two categories.
4. Trader Commodity categorization keeps the possibility for our users to suggest new categories or sub-categories.

12.What should I do if I cannot find a relevant category for my products?
You may send your questions or suggestions to Trader commpodity via email. Our email address is:

13.If the products in my offer belong to different categories, what should I
We suggest you separate your offer and put each product into the most relevant category.
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14.Can I repost the same offer frequently?
Sorry, we only accept the same offer once within 7days

15.How can I get my submission listed on Trader Commodity frontpage?
We list some latest business information submitted by our members on our frontpage everyday as special
recommendations. This free service is only for Trader Commodity members.
Join Free now!

16.What is Trader Commodity Company List?
Company List is an online company information database that allows you to browse companies' info and target potential
trade partners. Members can add their company details and URLs to our company list for free. Working in conjunction,
Company List conveniently provide international traders with two different but integrated entry points.
Click "Company List" to browse other companies' info.
Click "Add Company" to join Trader Commodity Company List.

17.How do I submit my questions or suggestions to?
You are invited to email any questions, suggestions or comments to us. We will respond as soon as possible.
Write to us now:
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