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June Hollisterand policies. 15 years ago I was a customs broker which helps me today with proper formalities
at the borders. Some of my resources come from the US Census Bureau - Foreign Trade Statistics and CIA
(Central Intelligence Agency of United States) World Factbook and of course my bible "The Law and Practice of
International Trade" by Clive M Schmitthoff. I work with an International trading lawyer, banker managers and many
experience skilled international trading brokers.

I have been retained by many buyer/seller intermediaries, as their Trading Adviser which has saved them
and their associates hundreds of thousands of dollars and much valued time. All information in matters of
International trading business provided by me is for the protection of the buyer, seller, and intermediary broker. It is
my personal opinion based on my training, research and experience that most brokers and intermediaries are
honestly and legitimately trying to trade but lack in the knowledge of proper procedures, rules and regulations that
govern trading in their jurisdiction, causing failure in all transactions.

It takes time and money to research and gain all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be part of the
international trading market.  I have compiled many books and useful resources on how to survive in the
International trading world.  It is important to me to impress upon traders that without the skills, training and  
knowledge of proper procedures they are just wasting their time going in circles and becoming the perfect prey for
the scammer.

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In any business, knowledge is power. In the
International Trading business, knowledge is